Hairy Bears Rocking The Crop Top – And We Are Here For It!

It is 2021 and crop tops are not just for the ladies! (were they ever, really? lol) As Memorial Day Weekend is technically the kick off to the Summer – yes Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st – but we have all had a rough couple of months so Summer season can start whenever we say! With Summer comes more skin and fewer clothes, hopefully! 

Instinct hero Brian Sims jump started a craze (or shall we say a thirst) on his Instagram and here on Instinct when he proclaimed “Clearly Bears in Crop Tops are the Moment!” So why not show more sexy hairy men in crop tops! Here we go…

I definitely need to get back to Fire Island this summer! If I saw him in the gym I would have trouble concentrating on my lifting. 

Summer season is beach season! He is using his crop top to drag Kim, Britney and Paris…too harsh? Good thing he’s cute.

The hat, the arms, the smirk, the flat stomach, the pineapple underwear…all of it, pretty close to perfection.

They sure do make them hot and sexy down under! 

Ok yes we just saw him above, but I think I am in love with him. How much are flights to Australia going for these days?

Back to the USA, with a corn-fed all-American hunk, he can sing me a country song anytime he wants!


Beef! Its what’s for dinner.


So he might be more of an otter than a bear, but he is still cute AF!

And maybe a couple more to feast your eyes on.


What about you Instincters? Gonna rock a crop top this summer? We support anyone proudly showing off some skin! Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

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