Half-Mast Flags for Limbaugh? City Says No to Florida Gov’s Wishes

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Like most sane individuals that respect the traditions of our country and the people that live in it, we agree with this next statement.

“Lowering to half-staff the flag of the United States of America is a sacred honor that pays respect to fallen heroes and patriots. It is not a partisan political tool.” – Nikki Fried

Nikki Fried (fdacs.gov)

Who is this Nikki we speak of and where can we send fan mail to? Nikki Fried is the current Florida Agricultural Commissioner. It sounds like she is getting into more than agriculture when she said that she will ignore Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order to lower flags in the state in honor of the late conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh.

Nikki, that is a strong statement.  What will you do?

“Therefore, I will notify all state offices under my direction to disregard the Governor’s forthcoming order to lower flags for Mr. Limbaugh – because we will not celebrate hate speech, bigotry, and division. Lowering the flag should always reflect unity, not division, and raising our standards, not lowering them. Our flags will remain flying high to celebrate the American values of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all.”


Looks like a politician has a backbone for once! 

I personally shared my thoughts in a post “How Should We Share Thoughts On the Passing Of Such A Horrible ‘Merikan Staple” where I basically said I would not disrespect Limbaugh by saying #RestinPiss, but will not stop others from doing so.  But I do not wish to see him honored for being such a vile human being.

Jane F. Bolin (oaklandparkfl.gov)

Other politicians have come forward. I am a very proud resident of Oakland Park, Florida where our Mayor Jane F. Bolin claims the governor’s intent to lower the flags for conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh violates Florida protocol and is calling on other state leaders to publicly renounce the decision.


Bolin echoes Fried’s statement from above and states that the Governor with his announcement while in West Palm beach, miles away from Donald Trump’s and Limbaugh’s home violated state flag protocol. 

While the distinction is typically reserved for government figures and first responders who have been killed in the line of duty, Section 256.015 of the Florida statutes states that the governor “shall adopt a protocol on flag display” that provides guidelines for lowering the flag to half-staff “upon the death of high-ranking state officials, uniformed law enforcement and fire service personnel, and prominent citizens.” (www.wptv.com)

“By compelling Florida cities to honor the man who made a career of sowing political division through bigoted and racist statements, Gov. DeSantis is turning our flag into a decoration for his own political theater. I call on all mayors, commissioners and city managers in Florida and nationwide to step forward and make their voices heard. Failure to take a stand on this issue is tantamount to being complicit in politicizing and even demeaning the dignity of our flag.” – Jane F. Bolin

According to Fox News, DeSantis said that the honor would take place after Limbaugh’s burial date is announced.  DeSantis also made more statements during that political rally about proposed election reforms in Florida, including ending ballot harvesting and only sending absentee ballots to those who requested them.  DeSantis’ republican government is also looking to crack down and basically ban protesting in Florida. Critics argue the measure is too broad and that the proposed criminal enhancements will disproportionately impact communities of color and lead to more arrests of peaceful protesters.


DeSantis  is like a bad knock knock joke. You have to say, “who’s there” because he was elected governor.  But he is just a little trump. Florida needs do discredit this person as a leader of all Floridians. Well, he is doing it himself, we just need to let the man keep trying to speak and he will dig a hole for himself.  But unfortunately, he is a little more eloquent than #45 (which is not saying much).  And we wonder, if DeSantis does not hold onto the republican nomination for the next race for governor, will one of the children of the corn, new Miami residents Ivanka or Jared pick up the sticky reigns?

DeSantis is looking huuuugely orange. (screen shot from FOX interview on troops in DC.)



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Sources: www.wptv.com , Fox News , deadstate.org

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