Halleloo! Season 10 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Will Stream on Netflix Each Friday

Looks like the biggest reality television show in the world has made its way to streaming, hunties.

RuPaul's Drag Race, which just wrapped up its third season of All Stars on Thursday, has officially announced that its 10th season will be streaming each and every Friday starting a week from today.

Keep in mind, this is for our friend's across the pond, as it will air first here in the states each Thursday (beginning with the premiere on March 22nd ) and then hop onto the popular streaming service the day after.

Even better news, our friends in England can also stream seasons 2 through 9 (as season one continues to truly be "the lost season").  This doesn't include any of the All Stars seasons however, womp womp.

This must come as major relief for the millions of fans across the way, as you can now avoid dodgy websites and poorly uploaded links and actually watch the real thing in true HD shade.  Yas!

Will Netflix ever make this stream in the states? Would this be something you would like to happen here?  Let us know your thoughts.


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