Have Drag Race Queens Received ‘Bad Edits’?

RuPaul just released the video for her first single off his 14th studio album, MAMARU–and mother has some choice words for the competitors on Drag Race who Blame It on the Edit.

YouTube – Blame It on the Edit by RuPaul

One of the biggest points of contention for past Drag Race queens is that they blame production for giving them a “bad edit” and making them look unfavorable on their season. You know, the bitchy evil queen or incorrigible competitor.


Laganja Estranja, The Vixen, Phi Phi O’Hara, Jan, just to name a few, have all pulled the “bad edit” card–but is it always production’s fault or did they done already done had theirses?




The 11-time Emmy Award-winning host took the opportunity to shut it all down once and for all–and it can all be taken from the very direct lyrics.


She wanna blame it on the edit, you the one who said it.

Go’on and take the credit, bitch. You the one who said It, bitch. How you gon’ regret it? Blame it on the edit, blame it on the edit.

All these shows around the world and everywhere we go.

You’ll never meet another bitch as salty as these hoes.

You already know who I am, you know what the f*ck I do. So why they all in my house, they lyin’ on my production crew. Baby nice to know if they throw you a bone, you the type comin’ back with a attitude. I ain’t cha enemy, keep that same energy. You da only one tryna sabotage you.

Some extremely sound advice from Mother Ru who always checks contestants for succumbing to their inner saboteur.

Do you think that editing is to blame for the way some are portrayed on reality competition shows? Who are the Drag Race queens who you think have gotten a bad edit?

MAMARU is available for pre-order now.

Here’s the official video for Blame it on the Edit:

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