Health Is Wealth! Evans Emphasizes Exercise Anywhere, Wearing Anything

It takes a very confident man to perform squats in a speedo. But should anyone be surprised that Luke Evans exudes that exact confidence to bare his bulge as he drops it low during his beach workouts. The Echo 3 star showed his 3.4 million Instagram followers just how crafty he can be when there’s no actual gym available for him to use.

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Evans showed just how versatile a hammock can be (chyle, been there done that — impromptu sex swing in Palm Springs anyone?). While filming on location in Colombia (among other exotic locations), the 43-year-old Welsh actor made use of what he had in order to maintain that year round “summer body” that he often has on display. Making use of hammocks on the beach, swings and even tree branches — Evans made sure he got his workouts in.




Luke is starring as “Bambi” in the ten-part AppleTV+ action series, Echo 3 — which debuts on November 23. The character has deep military experience and the film is action packed, so it’s no wonder that Evans is determined to keep that muscled physique in top shape, getting those workouts in by any means necessary.


But I guess that’s just life of an actor, constantly on the go and shooting in different locations constantly. They become very resourceful, anyone remember Cheyenne Jackson’s shirtless hotel workouts while shooting on location in Canada?

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Luke Evans and his co-stars hit the red carpet for the NYC premiere. Not only is he attractive in speedos, but turns out he can wear the hell out of a suit as well. Oh Luke, don’t you just live a fabulous gay life.


Check out Luke Evans’ in the trailer for Echo 3 below.


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