‘Heartstopper’ Cast Showed Up To London Pride On A Mission!

Photo Credit: Twitter user @ohnarose

This doesn’t make my heart stop; it makes it EXPLODE!

The cast of the breakout Netflix hit Heartstopper made a surprise appearance at London Pride. Their willingness to attend the event furthers their commitment to the gay community, which they started so beautifully in the series directed by Euros Lyn and based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman. 


Memorable moments from the event included Joe Locke and Kit Connor recreating an iconic moment from the graphic novel in real life, and Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft facing off with a homophobic protester.

Catch both moments below!



Here’s other heartwarming moments because I just can’t stop posting heart-something moments from the event. 


Heartstopper was officially greenlit for 2 more seasons on May 20, 2022. 

I can’t wait to see what memorable moments this cast and crew will bring fans both in front of the camera and in real life!

1 thought on “‘Heartstopper’ Cast Showed Up To London Pride On A Mission!”

  1. My husband of 43 wonderful years and I watched the first season of Heartstopper. We could not stop watching it. We cannot wait for the next seasons of the show.

    When we watched the first season, we cried, many times, we laughed many times as well. We saw ourselves, we saw people we know. We remembered the agony of being gay in a culture where it could get you badly beaten, if not killed, and hoped this kind of show will stop that kind of thing. We remembered crushes we had that could never be acted upon. We remembered friends who knew nothing of our heart and soul. We remembered friends, long gone, who just could not take that agony and ended their sweet, innocent lives.

    I want to thank the author of the books this show is based on.
    Thank you to those who made the production and release of Heartstopper possible.
    Thank you most to the actors and actresses who play the parts so beautifully.

    I hope you realize the importance of something like this. Somewhere, there are youths watching this who will realize they are ok. They will think there is hope for tomorrow. They will know that they will not be alone forever and that there are people around them who care.

    Please do not stop at 2 more seasons. This is important. I hope it will save lives and improve lives.

    Thank you with all my heart.


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