Hero Jumped Into Frozen Lake In Just Underwear & Sneakers

A video clip of a heroic rescue of a dog from a frozen lake in Ukraine has gone viral.
(screen captures)

A heroic dog rescue video showing a selfless man jumping into action when the pup fell through the ice on the Kalmius River in Ukraine went viral and quick.

Seeing the dog in distress, the man stripped down to just his boxer briefs and tennis shoes and headed right into the water. Finding his path blocked by the frozen river ice, he begins smashing the ice with his fists to get to the frightened pup.


The tension grows as the dog’s buddy anxiously paces back and forth across the ice during the rescue.

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The minute and a half long clip has received over 11 million views at this writing.

And yes, we might have noticed our hero is pretty easy on the eyes 🙂. In fact, several commenters on the video clip offered to be next on his rescue list.

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