A Shirtless Man, A Stray Dog, And A Kind Moment Go Viral

Screenshot via Instagram @jatobafelipe

Take a moment for yourself (and the world). Let the following video fill you with love and joy.

What is it about dogs that makes us enjoy them so much? Of course, there’s probably some scientific reason for it like the oxytocin rising within our brains. But science aside, we just love to see a cute dog being loved and cared for. And if you add a shirtless man to the mix, we are happy campers. Thankfully, that’s exactly the type of video we have for you today.


According to the Dodo, the video below centers on a man named Felipe Gabriel and an abandoned dog in São Paulo, Brazil. Felipe was with his brother Fernando while waiting to ride the subway, and noticed the dog while on his way to buy tickets.

“He saw a dog shivering in the cold,” Fernando told The Dodo. “It was the coldest day of the year.”

As Fernando looked on at the dog with confusion and slight concern, Felipe immediately sprung to action… by stripping.


“I noticed my brother taking his backpack off his back and started filming,” Fernando Gabriel explained. “He continued. He took off his jacket, sweatshirt and put his shirt on the puppy who was very cold. He did it spontaneously. It was very moving.”

Fernando then decided to put the video online with the caption, “I rarely post anything to my feed, but it deserves to be shared.

The video has since gone viral online. Fernando and Felipe then share that they later returned to the station in order to look for the dog and possibly take him home with them. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the stray.



Felipe then shared that he wishes he could have done more for the dog, but he’s happy to have at least shared a moment and lesson of kindness with the world.

“There is no way to change the world — but for the things in your reach, you can,” he said.

Source: The Dodo

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