Hero Queens Beat Up Homophobes After Performance – While In Full Drag!

Warning: this article contains spoilers from the most recent episode of “RuPauls Drag Race Down Under.”

“RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under” contestant Coco Jumbo has quickly become a fan favorite for her electrifying performances and her hysterical, sometimes shady, commentary during her confessionals. She took out powerhouse Art Simone in episode 2 before getting eliminated last week, due in some part, to a lackluster runway presentation on the main stage. 



As the Drag Race viewing community is beginning to fall in love with Coco Jumbo, already one of Sydney’s favorite drag queens, Coco is also loved and admired for her heroism. In 2017 Coco and two other drag queens, Vybe and Ivy Leaguee, beat up homophobes attacking a gay man outside one of their shows.

Vybe, Coco Jumbo, Ivy Leaguee. photo credit: gayxpress.co.nz

Here is how the attack unfolded in Syndey, one August night in 2017. Ivan Flinn, originally from New Zealand, was walking down Oxford Street when he was approached by a group of men. They began to call him a ‘faggot’ and ‘queer c*nt.” The attack quickly turned violent as the group of men attacked Flinn, breaking his jaw and ripping his clothes off. 

“I really thought I was going to die. I was praying for a hero. And I got three angels.”

The three angels were the three drag queens who had just finished performing nearby and immediately jumped in to defend Flinn.

“After the punch I was stunned, but the next thing I knew Ivy went in and was scrapping with the guy who punched me. They’re in the middle of the road, cars swerving around them, tooting, and I saw the guy rip her wig off. They were bashing each other and she’s still wearing her high heels.”  


Luke Waqa, whose stage name is Coco Jumbo, said this about the incident,

A guy pushed Ivy so I picked him up and threw him into the gutter. I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into. I used to play rugby league. Plus, I have an older brother. “Don’t mess with gay people – let alone two men dressed as women. Silly boys.”


In the end, Ivy Leaguee explained that the attackers were no match for the queens, “The big burly guys couldn’t even throw a punch, all they could do was pull and run!”



Flinn, credits the quick-thinking heroic trio for saving his life, “The queens fought my fight for me, they are my heroes.”



THANK YOU COCO, IVY and VYBE! You three are three of my heroes! SHANTAY YOU SLAY! 

Sources: Junkee, Pink News

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