He’s Here. He’s Going To Be Even More Queer. Get Used To It Trolls

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“It doesn’t make me less queer. I am going to be more queer.” And with those words queer icon Boy George is clapping back at all the online trolls. The 61-year-old former frontman for the 80s band Culture Club has joined the cast of the Australian reality show, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. (I think reality tv villains Heidi and Spencer were on that show when the US did it…TEAM LAUREN CONRAD 4EVA!)


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The Karma Chameleon singer got out in front of all the online hate many are subjected to. Seriously, if you are sitting at home behind your keyboard calling someone fat or ugly or telling them that they don’t deserve to live what are you doing with your life? You can’t imagine the vitriol people spew in comments even to the writers on this site. (I tend not to read the comments and envy my colleagues who clap back and go toe to toe with internet trolls attacking a writer for their opinions, many of who sign on as anonymous…hmmm wonder why.)

Speaking about those pesky trolls the Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, singer, also said,


“I’m surprised I’m not trolled more, and maybe I just don’t care about that, because with things like homophobia, I look at that like it’s someone else’s disease.”




This story gets a little murky as the sheer casting of Boy George has sparked a massive internet backlash. You might have forgotten (I totally did) that the I’ll Tumble 4 Ya singer was convicted of false imprisonment of a male escort in 2009. According to Pink News,

“he was sentenced to 15 months in jail for attacking Norwegian model Audun Carlsen. During the attack, he proceeded to handcuff Carlsen to a radiator and beat him with a metal chain.”

Lots to unpack here. Speaking of unpacking George did mention how he “modified” the traditional camp outfit given to all contestants,

“They sent them over to see if they would fit me, and of course I’m a hat guy and thought it was too small, so I took a pair of scissors to it and cut it up. I thought [ITV bosses] were going to go mad but they seemed to like it, and I can’t promise I’ll be wearing it in there because I haven’t really discussed it.”  


What do we think Instincters? Are you going to be watching I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here when it premieres Sunday, November 6th on ITV.

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Sources: Yahoo, Pink News

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  1. I’ve only watched the series when there’s a gay guy to root for or an ally that I really like. Other than that I haven’t seen a lot of the show. To be honest I don’t know many of the ‘celebrities’ this season.


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