‘High Heat’ Ramps Up The Heat With Nude Shower Scene

photo via instagram (dondehubofuegonetflix)

It’s the age-old question we are always wondering. Which profession has the hottest workers: strippers or firefighters? Thanks to Netflix and José Ignacio Valenzuela we don’t have to pick. High Heat, a Spanish-language crime drama, promises to be our next great guilty pleasure. The soapy telenovela created by Valenzuela is setting the streaming site ablaze with an array of gorgeous half-naked, and naked men. We caught notice of this show and the beefcake last month reporting on the steamy men appearing in the series. Based solely on the show’s Instagram feed I am wondering if the firefighters battle the fires shirtless. (not that I am complaining!)


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According to Netflix the plot of the drama series unfolds when Poncho, “finds clues to his brother’s murder lead {him} to a fire brigade, he joins it to investigate further and finds romance, family..and a serial killer.” Raising the temperature of the show even higher, our ever-thirsty friends over at Casperfan gifted us with some gifs and photos from a steamy shower scene.  


Are you already logging onto your Netflix account? Happy viewing Instincters!

Sources: CasperFan

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