‘High School Musical’ Star Larry Saperstein Comes Out As Bi

Images via Instagram & TikTok @larrysaperstein

Another High School Musical star has come out as LGBTQ.

Larry Saperstein is an actor in the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. And the actor recently came out as bisexual through a TikTok video.


In the video, Saperstein is seen laying in bed with the song “the unexpected” playing in the background. Plus, there’s text that hangs over his head.

“Plays a character with a girlfriend on TV,” It reads. “Is bi [in real life].”

The post’s caption also says, “Is it really that unexpected tho.”


is it really that unexpected tho #pride

♬ International Super Spy – dylan


But that’s not all. 23-year-old Larry Saperstein also tweeted about his coming out.

“I have T minus 30 days to figure out how to do drag so I can turn out a look before the end of the month,” he wrote. “I love you ALL SO MUCH.”


Saperstein isn’t the first cast member of the show to come out. Last month, co-star Joshua Bassett came out while talking about Harry Styles in an interview.

“I think he’s a nice guy,” Bassett said while talking about Styles. “He’s just cool. Who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool? Also, he’s hot, you know? He’s very charming too. Lots of things.”

“This is also my coming out video, I guess,” he then added.



Bassett later added in an Instagram post that he’s always felt shamed because of his sexuality.

“My entire life people have told me my sexuality,” he wrote. “People have shamed me for things they know nothing about. I want to say thank you to those of you who stand for love and acceptance…

He continued, “Love who you love shamelessly. It’s ok to still be figuring out who you are. Life’s too short to let ignorance and hatred win. I choose love”.

So, it looks like Larry Saperstein is in good company. Happy Pride, boys!

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