Possible HIV Treatment To Expand Human Trials

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There are currently multiple HIV vaccines in the works. But possibly the most exciting news is that there’s a possible treatment in the works too. And even better, it’s going so well that the human trials want more participants.

A Maryland biotech company called American Gene Technologies (AGT) is currently developing a cure for HIV, according to JDSUPRA. Recently, the company announced that the safety data in its Phase 1 trial for AGT103-T showed no adverse effect. Because of this, the FDA’s Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) voted unanimously to continue the program without any modifications.


“The AGT103-T pipeline is a therapy for treating HIV disease,” the company’s statement says. “The therapy is designed to induce durable viral suppression by delivering therapeutic genes to the recipient’s immune cells. The resulting immune cells are expected to survive attack by HIV and durably suppress the virus at undetectable levels without the need for antiretroviral treatment.”

“Safety represents a critical milestone in the project and gives us additional confidence that HIV can be cured,” added AGT CEO Jeff Galvin. “This milestone supports AGT’s mission to relieve suffering and premature death from serious human diseases. AGT’s HIV cure program is based on a platform that has the capacity to treat other chronic viral infections, as well as monogenic disorders and cancers…A success in HIV would provide sustained funding to accelerate dozens of therapeutics that are within the scope of AGT’s technology platform.”

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And now, according to the Washington Blade, the company will be expanding the participant pool of its human trials. Though, the company is keeping its pool small by adding only six more patients. The goal for this upcoming phase will be to determine the treatment’s effectiveness in protecting the human body from HIV.


“We have six more patients,” explained Galvin in late July. “If this works, they will be permanently immune from HIV. Just think what this can do with the epidemic. We all have something to be excited about.”

“Keep your fingers crossed. Let’s all keep hoping and praying,” Galvin added before refencing the time when the company will see if AGT103-T is as effective on people with HIV as it has been with stopping HIV from infecting human cells. “We will know by the middle of next year.”

Source: JDSUPRA, Washington Blade,

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  1. This is indeed exciting news! As a long-term survivor, I was one of those folks in the 80’s taking AZT. I also volunteered for other HIV research studies to find better medications and eventually a cure. Yes, I am dating myself by telling you the readers that I have been HIV+ since the mid 80s. But look at me now! I am still alive and healthy, undetectable for years. Just patiently waiting for a drug to eradicate this terrible disease. Yes, I too lost just about all my friends to AIDS in the 80s and 90s. But I am still here and I believe in the science that has helped so many of our brothers, sisters and family members. Keep up the good work AGT!!!

  2. Gay men rarely have to be concerned about getting their sex partners pregnant.
    If they are able to cure HIV, I would think that a cure for herpes would be following close behind right along with viral hepatitis and shingles.

  3. Except HIV is also a hoax. Never been isolated in the lab satisfying the gold standard of virology: Koch’s Postulate. What’s more? No retrovirus has, not even Covid. The debate rages still on whether or not viruses themselves have ever been isolated.

    But has that stopped the fat cats from lying and lining their pockets anyway?

    • In the 90s, more gay men died of AZT (AIDS Drugs) than ever died from AIDS. It got so bad they had to split AZT into dozens of different cocktails with varying dosages to ‘hide’ their potency.

      They were basically killing us fags too fast, and worrying that people would notice the drug was the killer (not the alleged aliment) they rapidly reduced the dosage.

      Today, they feed queer children AZT as a prophylaxes or preventative (but we ask, a preventative for what if HIV doesn’t exist?)

      • Uh honey, run back to your QAnon camp where you came from. Shut the door on your way out, I like to watch trash take itself out.

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    • Why would you guess that? Perhaps not the trial. But if you’re undetectable, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the virus. This therapy would mean you could get off the daily antiretroviral drugs forever.

      My doctor has always believed we’d find a cure in his lifetime.

      He might be right(?). Fascinating news.

    • I feel for that joke, too, until my AIDS drugs landed me in the hospital with meningitis after a slew of vaccinations. My doctor also said prior to 2016, doctors were FORBIDDEN from vaccinating immunocompromised people and pregnant women.

      …Ask yourself why they changed…

      I strongly encourage you dear friend to DROP the chemo drugs, they will kill you.
      Please research more into the Group For the Scientific Reprisal of AIDS. I have plenty of literature to share as well going back decades.

      Victims we are NO MORE.

    • Um, no. That isn’t what this means. You can still contract other STDs like syphillis. Syphllis left untreated can permanently damage your body, skin, and nervous system. It is treatable if caught early enough. But there are other nasties out there too.

    • “We can finally stop using condoms soon”. The all you have to worry about is not getting the entire body of other STIs, including the ones with no cure, ie, Herpes. Lest not forget about the millions of unplanned pregnancies as well. I really hope you were being sarcastic!

    • Woo-hoo, totally agree! My cum is going to be flying everywhere, in their faces, their mouths, up their buttons, you name it, I am spraying it!


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