Holland Born Peter Van Der Veen Is Indispensable To Gaga & Adele

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Whitney Houston fell in love with hers in the classic 1992 film of the same name. British heartthrob Richard Madden caused millions of viewers to swoon and fall in love with him (myself included) in the 2018 miniseries, again of the same name. The name we are referring to, well the BODYGUARD of course! 

The latest bodyguard we here at Instinct stan protects two of our most beloved pop icons, Lady Gaga and Adele. Hunky, handsome, and chiseled, Dutch-born Peter Van Der Veen has been at the side of both Oscar-winning singers for years. 

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Pop Sugar, among many others, have taken notice of the former Mr. Europe, giving readers much sought after information about him,  

“Born in Holland, Peter is a former bodybuilder who after joining Lady Gaga’s security detail, the two grew rather close — so close, in fact, that she trusted the muscled hunk to provide the accented background vocals in her 2011 song “Government Hooker.” 

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The six-foot-tall former policeman has multiple fan accounts dedicated to his awesomeness. To make us fall for him even more he thinks of Lady Gaga “as his own sister.” Does that mean if we date and marry Peter Gaga becomes our sister-in-law! SIGN US UP!

Is he single? Available? Where do we send our dating application to? 

Sources: PopSugar

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