Homophobic Pastor Scott Lively Is Running For Massachusetts Governor

If we want real power in the United States of America, we need to not only share our concerns in street protests but in elections as well. The power of the vote is key right now.

This is especially true when men like Scott Lively are running for office.

Scott Lively is a former pastor and the author of The Pink Swastika, which was a novel from 1995 that stated that the Holocaust was run by gay Nazis.

Beyond writing a largely debunked novel about gay Nazis killing 6 million European Jews, and additional millions of black people, gay people, people with disabilities, and more, Lively has also backed/created other anti-gay initiatives.

For instance, Lively is the founder of an anti-LGBT group called the Abiding Truth Ministries. This group is so terrible that its been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now, it seems Lively is jumping from pastor/author to high profile politician.

Last week, the Republican Party’s Massachusetts state convention saw the rise of Lively as a candidate for the state’s governor primary this coming fall. He’ll now be battling it out with incumbent governor Charlie Baker in September.

Despite his extremely homophobic past and mentality, 626 state politicians out of 2,000 supported him in his bid for the governor’s seat.

“When you've got the nation's most popular governor at the top of the ballot, certainly it's strange that Scott Lively would be able to get from the Republican conventiongoers that kind of support, and that kind of a vote," Massachusetts political consultant Anthony Cignoli told Mass Live. "Did these conventiongoers, these delegates, go there specifically for him; was this an effort that was orchestrated and to the credit of his campaign? Or is this indicative of what the base of the Republican party regulars are?”

While Lively isn’t expected to win, Baker has been voted the country’s most popular governor and 70 percent of delegates did not vote for Lively, there is still some room for concern.

So again, if you live in Massachusetts and are of voting age, you have to power to stop Scott Lively in his tracks. Vote in this coming primarily this September to ensure that Pink Swastika Lively does not win.

h/t: MassLive, Newsweek

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  1. Another asshat who’s full of

    Another asshat who's full of himself, spouts nonsense that he has no proof of thinking he should be in charge of people. This is definitely a time of Koyaanisqatsi, Life Out of Balance!


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