Honey Davenport Releases Their Stunning New EP “Love Is God”

RuPaul’s Drag Race alum are known to consistently churn out new musical projects, but you would be hard pressed to find a package as dynamically varied and brilliantly curated as Honey Davenport’s stunning new EP, Love Is God. Packed with crucial messages on the state of the world along with some good old fashioned dance anthems, social messaging is balanced seamlessly with music that is made to hit the dance floors to, making Love Is God one of the first “must-get” albums of 2022 


The title track is an 80’s tinged, high-energy anthem (courtesy of producer extraordinaire Electropoint) and is dedicated to the only thing that can “save the day”-love. (Drag Race legend Manila Luzon checks in with her own slick rap on the single, and joins longtime friend Davenport in the brightly hued video for “Love Is God” as well). “Love Still Lasts” is a pulsing and hypnotic-tinged track which has Drag Race All Stars alum Tammie Brown checking in, while “Lady Justice” is an unabashedly honest track on what justice truly means in today’s world, with Drag Race Season 12 joining Davenport on this poignant and necessary anthem. “Paradise” is an anthem perfect for your winter beachside vacation, with Drag Race Season 13 fan favorite LaLa Ri checking in on the track and showing off her own slick rap abilities.  (Bonus trivia: prior to RuPaul’s Drag Race, Davenport’s final crown in their storied pageant career was winning Miss Paradise at Paradise in Asbury Park, NJ)!  If Kevin Aviance is joining you on your new single, it needs to be quite simply, a banger, and that is exactly what “Thrive” is. Davenport’s ethereal vocals serve as a brilliant pairing to Aviance’s own instantly recognizable vocals on this beat-heavy banger (and the bonus?-getting Davenport and Aviance together in the equally stunning video for “Thrive”)! 

Speaking about the EP, Davenport says “Mama Ru always reminds everyone to say love, so I choose to sing about it. I believe that love is the driving force of human existence. All of our emotions and our actions derive from our desire to feel and experience “love.” If there’s one thing I want my listeners to take away from the ‘LOVE IS GOD’ EP, it’s that love has infinite possibilities. I created some bops with my dearest drag sisters that really share a message of love and hope overcoming dark times.”

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‘Love Is God’ is available here 

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