Honey Davenport Shares Her “Digital Rainbow” for Pride With Some Very Special Collaborators

Honey Davenport has been known to bring the party along with a heavy dose of social consciousness in her music video productions, but the video for her latest single, the pride celebration “Digital Rainbow” truly is one of a kind. Davenport filmed the video exclusively in quarantine, and brought along both talented friends and RuPaul’s Drag Race sisters. Throughout the video, everyone from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly, rapper extraordinaire Cazwell, Drag Race Season 12 rap-stress Widow Von Du, and New York City performer Jayse Vegas. The video features Davenport (giving the children a peek at her out of drag and performing)  and showcases each performer in their rainbow colored best, performing direct from home. 


Honey Davenport shared with me exclusively “This song produced by Chris Ambrose and Jayse Vegas was recorded in our living rooms all in quarantine. The video directed by Evan Zampella and edited by Dedalus Moving Pictures, It was shot all on iPhone in our individual bedrooms. This is magic. This is what it looks like when you don’t let your conditions control your creation. I am so Proud of my team at BeeZee productions. Proud of my brothers and sisters Yvie Oddly, Widow Von Du, Jayse Vegas and Cazwell. Pride is so much deeper than a parade, but me and my family thought everyone deserved a big gay dance party in their homes. That’s what Digital Rainbow is!!!”

This isn’t Davenport’s only foray into revolutionary content recently. In the video for “Bitch Got Hips” by Socia(Lites), Davenport is tasked with playing what we think is the first ever #DragQueenDoula. Jamie Thiessen, Elizabeth Eckert Ross, Emily King Brown and Katie Claire of Socia(Lites) wrote this funny piece of content when two of the beautiful women of this social justice comedy group were pregnant. Filmed it a little over a year ago, Davenport was asked to take the starring role and was proud to do so.


“DIGITAL RAINBOW”-The NEW single from Honey Davenport (feat. Yvie Oddly, Widow Von Du, Jayse Vegas & Cazwell) Stream “Digital Rainbow” on Spotify

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