Host Seems To Justify Fans Laughing At Male NFL Cheerleaders

Host Beau Davidson thinks NFL fans will get a laugh out of watching male cheerleaders dance with their female colleagues. Do you agree? Here's the viral clip.

Men will laugh, at the cheerleaders, yes, but Beau Davidson seems to take joy in pointing it out, over and over, almost saying WTF are you doing NFL!!?! You're setting these men up for failure and discrimination.  Do you think this would be the first time these 20-something men have faced ridicule and discrimination?

Beau Davidson, imagine a country that allows cross eyed narrow-minded individuals to "report" the news on tv, especially pretentious feeble males with Hardy Boys haircuts. Someone gave you a seat and it appears that you are not worthy, not because of your looks, your hair, but your ignorance. It's not a case of politically correct culture, it's correcting you for being a juvenile that should not have his job. Crap, that was some Beau-type honesty.

Now maybe it's a little harsh in asking Daily Blast LIVE to step up on this matter, but if Beau thinks this is a PC culture, what are 3 blondes doing sitting at the news desk. Is this FOX News?

Apparently other viewers were disgusted in Beau being honest in pointing out that NFL fans will mock the male cheerleaders.  Hell, I laugh at the female cheerleaders. In an attempt to deflect the attention from himself, Beau created a "check yourself" post on Facebook.  I'll include a screen capture of it at the end, just in case he decides to take it down and move on like nothing ever happened.

Our big ol' gay cheering mirror works just fine.

It goes without saying that these men will face ridicule, but the way that Davidson said it, it almost seemed that he was justifying the laughter. And does he think that these 20-something men do not know how to deal with negativity?  They are professional dancers/cheerleader and male in America. 

I've dated cheerleaders before and I would say most of them dealt with discrimination and ridicule way more than we know.  One I dated severely lacked confidence and a feeling of security. No matter what I said or did, he did not believe I supported him in his sport and profession.  His lack of confidence was detrimental to our relationship.

We don't need to hear from someone that justifies discrimination and degradation.  We elected someone like that.

I've never checked out Daily Blast LIVE, but if they support Beau-type "reporting" and sharing of opinions, I have no need to view the program or whatever it is in the future.

This is the opinion of this contributing writer and not the opinion of the other writers or Instinct Magazine.

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