‘Hot Ones’ Skit Gets The Fabulous Maya Rudolph Treatment

Maya Rudolph’s ‘Hot Ones’ clip recently went viral, and fans were surprised that it was not an actual appearance from the popular web series.

(c) Maya Rudolph’s Instagram: @princesstagram

‘Hot Ones’ is a show wherein celebrities are interviewed while they eat chicken wings that are increasingly spicy. However, Rudolph’s clip was actually a skit from her TV show entitled ‘Loot,’ which is an Apple TV+ series.

(c) Maya Rudolph’s Instagram: @princesstagram

The 49-year-old actress plays the role of Molly Novak. Her character’s rich tech husband John (Adam Scott) publicly cheats on her, which leads to a humiliating public divorce.

The viral clip has been viewed for over 7 million times, and a lot of people are hyping about it online!



In the video, Rudolph was struggling to handle the spice of the chicken wings, and as a result, she told ‘Hot Ones’ host Sean Evans, “I need you to do me a favor. I need you to shut the f**k up.”

Molly Novak (Rudolph) also cursed her ex-husband (Adam Scott) while trying to eat the spicy chicken wings, and it was truly hilarious!


(c) Instagram: @princesstagram

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