How Did You Prep For Hot Homo Summer?

Image via YouTube @Michael Henry

The first episode in Michael Henry’s new series is out!

In the latter half of June, we got a glimpse at a new 5-episode web series created by comedian Michael Henry titled Hot Homo Summer. For the series teaser, Henry captioned the video with the line, “If some people are having a ‘Hot Vax Summer’ or a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ I deserve to have a ‘Hot Homo Summer!’” 


With that, the series was written by, stars, and was co-directed by Henry (with Paul McGovern Jr.  taking up the other co-direction credit). In addition, the series will have a variety of cameo appearances by actors and talents like Johnny Sabilly (Pose), Logan Jennings (‘Meatball’), YouTuber Brandon Rodgers, Chad Westbrook, and more.

And now, the first episode is out! In the 6-minute video, we see Michael Henry getting ready for his Hot Homo Summer by dressing up, painting his nails, and getting a new trimmer. He then goes out to live his best life. But, of course, reality then hits him hard in the face. This time, in the form of a friend and crush.

It seems like Michael Henry always has an ear to the ground when it comes to gay topics and gay life. As he says in the episode, “The world’s opening up. I’m fully vaxxed. And now the restrictions have been lifted, I want my panties to drop.”


Truer words have never been said, Michael!

Check out the first episode in the 5-part series below. And then come back next week for episode 2!

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