How Important Is A Pro Looking Grindr Pic?

Image via YouTube @Michael Henry

Hot Homo Summer episode 2 is out!

Los Angeles-based comedian Michael Henry is back with the second episode of his newest web series titled Hot Homo Summer. The series sees Henry preparing for Hot Homo Summer and living his best life now that he’s vaccinated. But the reality of life in West Hollywood is not all that he envisioned.


The series was created by, stars, and was co-directed by Michael Henry. As for the other co-direction credit, it goes to Paul McGovern Jr.

The first episode in the 5-episode series saw Michael Henry grooming and preparing for the summer to remember. But then, he goes out to eat with a friend. While at a cafe, Henry was met by an old crush with the crush’s new lover. But that didn’t stop Henry’s character from fantasizing about the hookup that never was.

In this week’s episode, titled “Eyes Wide Open,” we see Henry trying to live out his best life as a writer. And like many writers, he quickly finds himself distracted from his work. Michael Henry gets the great idea to work on some new nude photos for himself. From there, he meets up for coffee with a friend. But, younger gays and a doctor’s visit lead to some unexpected conversations.

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