Hozier Waving A Trans Flag? Yes, Please!

Screenshot via Twitter @Smartinis

Hozier recently showed his support for LGBTQ people and specifically of the trans community.

The folk/soul singer performed a concert in London this past weekend. The moment then went viral thanks to Hozier waving a trans Pride flag while on stage.

According to PinkNews, it was a fan who tossed the flag on stage while Hozier was singing the song “Nina Cried Power.” Hozier then not only emphasized with the fan and flag but decided to openly support them by displaying the flag for the rest of the set.

And when Hozier finished the show with his hit song “Take Me To Church,” the music video for which included visuals of a gay couple living in homophobic Russia, he grabbed the flag and flew it around to the applause of his audience.


“Hozier is highly political,” Filip Mikulski, the fan who threw the flag onto the stage, told PinkNews. “Both in his music and his public presence, and seeing him take a stand with the trans community really means a lot.”

“He sees our fight and our struggles, and stands among us, not against us,” Mikulski added. “It is hard for me to not see him as an LGBT+ ally when all his actions show that he cares about the community, and supports us and our actions.”

Apparently, the moment became so viral that fans of the following night’s concert tried to repeat it. A second trans Pride flag was thrown on stage and the crowd apparently chanted “Trans Lives Matter” as Hozier performed.

Sources: PinkNews, Pride

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