Huh? Nyle DiMarco Gets Offered a Wheelchair Because He’s Deaf

Nyle DiMarco went through a puzzling and confusing experience at an airport recently, where someone offered him a wheelchair because he's deaf. .

He shared a video from it on his Twitter earlier this week where the miscommunication appeared to be fixed pretty quickly after he walked up to the airline employee. "Not a clear video but apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair," he wrote on the tweet.

The airline he was flying was Delta, which the America's Next Top Model winner called out on the same Twitter thread. They issued an apology over the incident.

He received mostly support from his followers as a result, with one in particular talking about how deaf people get offered wheelchairs at airports pretty often.

Some others said that he should be grateful that the airline was offering to help in the first place.

Nyle then followed up with a bit of humor regarding the entire situation.

Of course there were people who made jokes about it, notably adult film director Jasun Mark who said "I mean… you can come sit in my lap any time you want,…." 


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