Woof! Quarantine Check In With Hunky Model Hunter Harden

Credit: Hunter Harden

Popular model and all-around nice guy Hunter Harden would be a fantastic guy to enjoy self-isolation with as, well, you get to look at him all day long.

The Reno native has done an excellent job at making a big name for himself over the years as his presence both on and offline continue to grow. Even celebrities, like RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Trixie Mattel and Ginger Minj, can’t stop crushing on this guy. And who can blame them? He’s a total hunk!


In our new weekly series called “Quarantine Check In” we are catching up with some of our favorite gay men to see what they’ve been up to over the past couple of months.

Hunter chats with us about life in Utah, his woofy partner, how he’s been handling his terrible migraines that he’s been very public about and so much more.

Credit: Hunter Harden

What’s life been like for you in quarantine?


At the start of quarantine I was very self indulgent. I didn’t have to travel, the gyms were closed, and summer was basically canceled.  Instead of working out 5-7 times a week, I ate 5-7 family sized bags of potato chips a week. Instead of socializing with friends I binged watched shows for hours on end on the couch. It was great at first but it got old and I gained 20 pounds and lost a lot of definition in my body.

The gyms opened back up last month, so I’m excited to have my workout schedule again and lose this weight. With all of this time in quarantine it’s good to focus on personal growth and improving yourself either mentally or physically.

How have you and your other half been keeping busy in Utah?

Thankfully we bought a Nintendo Switch (or as my bear calls it “The Mario”) just before quarantine. So we have been playing lots of video games and reconnecting with each other. We take long drives, little romantic getaways, watch lots of documentaries and movies, and even got a puzzle!

Credit: Hunter Harden

Any new shows, movies or artists you’ve developed a love for while stuck indoors?

First off I LOVE the new Dua Lipa album Future Nostalgia. It’s been a great album to jam out to in the car. As for movies, I am obsessed with the new Joker film. I thought I’d hate it, but it surprisingly hit the nail on the head and made a realistic creating of The Joker. It also reminds me of what is going on with America right now and how we are on a breaking point in society.

Do you think you’ll be spotted on the upcoming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?


If I don’t make it on at least one episode I will flip a table or throw a fake leg at dinner. Once I start figuring out where they hang out I will casually “bump” into them and become best friend’s and then start the new series “Real Housebears of Utah”.

How have things changed for you as a model and influencer during self-isolation?

Ugh! This year was supposed to be a big year for me. I even bought a yearly planner to organize the shoots and events I had for 2020. My planner has flatlined since March! I’m not planning anything this year to make sure that I’m safe while getting back into my fitness regiment. 

Are you hopeful that things will change in the near future or do you think we are in this for the long haul?


I think this year is canceled for sure. Who knows what will happen next year. Hopefully a competent leader will be elected and we can have some hope for the future.

Credit: Hunter Harden

How have you been progressing with your migraines?

I have not been able to travel to Dallas to see my migraine doctors due to Covid, so my migraine progression is on hold. I’m still getting migraines frequently, but I haven’t had the ones where I’m up all night throwing up. That’s a relief because those are level 10 on the pain scale and last for hours.

Anything coming up that you wanna tell our audience about?

I had to put most things on hold, but I’m planning a lot of great photoshoots with photographers to add content to my upcoming calendar and to my social media platforms.  I’d like to thank all of my fans and friends who have supported me over the years and given me support and friendship.  It’s been a crazy journey and I’m excited for the next chapter and make it even bigger.

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  1. Hunter, I’m an old ‘queen’ PHD, professional now retired. Is there any way you are available for hire, for admiration, worship and adoration? I want NO reciprocation except a laugh and an ugh!

    I’m crazy crazy nuts about your back hair, beard and of course you newly formed body!!

    I’ll pay

    Best to you!


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