I Sense an Endorsement Deal Coming for Paulie Calafiore

Photo Credit: @pauliecalafiore_ on Instagram

What the world needs now… Is jocks… More jocks…

If you follow Paulie Calafiore’s OnlyFans page, then you know he’s tried on jockstraps and reviewed them for a while now. It’s only thanks to sources like OUT that everyone else is finding out what this New Jersey stud is working with from behind. Not that literally anyone is complaining.


Mr. Calafiore made headlines in August 2023 when he came out as bisexual. It was important news for pop culture and the MTV generation because the 35-year-old is a minor celebrity due in part to his extensive reality TV resume. Having competed on Big Brother in 2016, the enviable athlete moved to Ex on the Beach before participating in four back-to-back seasons of The Challenge.

Paulie also does cool things like social media influencing, occasional acting, podcasting and online fitness coaching. But, listen, I’d much rather talk about his other assets that aren’t career based.


You can subscribe to Calafiore’s OnlyFans page for $11.99/month, which isn’t a bad price at all… until you consider the fact that he never completely goes there. I can confirm this because I just subscribed, for research purposes, of course. With almost 700 pieces of media to his page, Paulie shows a ton of his bubble-butt, some pictures of his hole, lots of VPL, his jock reviews, abs and muscles, the base of his dick, and silly or sexy photoshoots. So, am I terrible for saying I want the whole OnlyFans experience?

Why am I complaining? I’m still a fan, and he’s still smoking hot. Let’s just take a look at those jockstrap photos going viral, shall we? 


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