Ian Frost Leads The Cast Of The New YouTube Series ‘The Circuit’

Circuit parties and “the circuit” in general is consistently a topic of great debate within the gay community. Many look at the events all over the world as an opportunity to see old friends, make new ones and join in what has essentially become a brotherhood, all the while having some fierce music to serve as the soundtrack. Others however, see these events as massive promotions of illicit drugs and unsafe sex. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of what the circuit truly offers to the community, one thing is certain; the circuit and circuit music has reshaped the gay community in many ways. 


Daniel Lui has now created and directed The Circuit as a YouTube series and he tells DNA Magazine that “growing up in an environment where people like me weren’t always accepted or understood, I always turned to LGBTQ shows to escape and be inspired”.

The cast features circuit favorites, including DJ Nina Flowers who has been spinning in the circuit scene for twenty five plus years (with a break to film two different seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race)! There are shots of Nina performing at the MEAT party, adorned in his signature headpiece and beat for the gods! His storyline runs parallel to the career of DJ Joe Pacheco, as Pacheco is showcased in the trailer as the other side of an “age-old battle, laptop DJs vs CDJs”.

The cast is rounded out with Sam Gee and Ian Frost (a go-go dancer and porn actor respectively). Trey and Darius are featured as people who attend these mega-events, called in the community “circuit queens”. The exact format of the show remains under wraps, but you can check it out when The Circuit premieres February 3rd, and then airs every Monday after

“The Circuit” will air every Monday on YouTube starting February 3.

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