‘Idols And Identities’ Exhibition Include 17 Artists From Around Globe

‘Exposed’//Guy Yechiely.

A new homo art exhibition is about to premiere, both online and in-person, in Tel Aviv. The exhibition entitled “Idols & Identities” is a part of broader cooperation between the international hotel network and the Pan Art Gallery. The exhibition will be launched in the Polihouse Hotel. It is important to mention that the Pan Art Gallery is the only online homo art gallery in the Middle East. This is the second exhibition this year produced by Erez Bialer, owner of the Pan Art Gallery.

‘Dame Edna Made of Cubes’//Eyal Alef Ophir.

I had the pleasure of speaking to owner Bialer about the upcoming exhibition. When I asked him where he drew inspiration from he mentioned the queer Austrian magazine, Vangardist,

 “I owe the subject of this upcoming exhibition to the Queer Austrian magazine Vangardist. I write a regular gay art column and this is the title of their current issue. As I was writing the column I realized – this could be developed into a whole exhibition. The collaboration with the international hotel chain “Brown Hotels” was just starting to happen, and it seemed only for me to hold this exhibition in the new art space at the Polihouse Hotel Tel Aviv.”


‘An Inner Call’//Mati Gelman.

He elaborated more on the word ‘identities’ what it means to him, and why he wanted to make it a focal point of the exhibition,


” ‘Identities’ are how we choose to present ourselves. In the evolution of homosexuals and their various identities – we mastered cloaking ourselves. We create new identities – secret of public ones. While we experience ourselves the way we want to be, we illuminate the way for others. The layers of self are complexed and made of various identities: National, racial, sexual, religious – all of these are layers through which we identify ourselves.”


He specifically referenced a few pieces in the collection to illustrate his thinking and thought process,

“In this way, some people would look at Kate Zakharov’s photographs and would see 2 praying brothers. Someone else might see two lovers. Brilliant artwork of Dame Edna made of cubes, by pixel artist Eyal Alef Ophir, to me, represents a game of identities perfectly.”

untitled//Kate Zakharov Photography.

The exhibit includes 17 artists from Israel, Germany, and the US. This collaboration, between Brown Hotels Internation chain and the Pan Art Gallery, will include 2 more exhibitions in the new ART BROWN initiative. That initiative was created to support local and international creativity.


All of the pieces in the exhibition wil be available for purchase beginning September 19th. Click here to visit the Pan Art Gallery website.

‘Dame Edna Made of Cubes.’//Eyal Alef Ophir.






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