I’m Here for the Return of Lindsay Lohan

Photo credit: Scott Everett White/Netflix

Aside from the announcement of her engagement to Bader Shammas, I don’t think the media has reported anything positive about Lindsay Lohan in recent months. The Mean Girls actress was a staple in family and teen films from 1998 to 2007, but substance abuse and personal issues sidelined her career for many years – and she’s yet to fully recover from her downfall. A failed reality show and an independent werewolf-thriller is all she’s contributed to pop culture in the last four years. However, possibly due to her finding love and happiness, Ms. Lohan is attempting to get her career back on track in 2022.

Lindsay will co-star with Glee’s Chord Overstreet in a holiday love story titled Falling for Christmas. The upcoming movie is due to premiere on Netflix this coming December. This project will mark her first starring role in 9 years. You can find the briefest clip of Falling for Christmas in Netflix’s 2022 line-up preview here. However, almost 100,000,000 people are about to see Lindsay’s face on their television screens as she’s also starring in her own Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness.


Also featuring William Shatner, Dennis Rodman and Danny Trejo, her 30 second Planet Fitness commercial promotes the gym’s brand and its benefits while also poking fun at her troubled past.

Lohan tells ABC News, “I was really involved in the concept. You have to poke fun at things, bring light to the situation especially because I’m in such a good place to talk about it. This is the final, last time we will go backwards and bring up the past.”

See what’s gotten into Lindsay in the commercial included below. 


As we all know, Super Bowl commercials have a way of relaunching people’s careers. Remember how Missy Elliot blew up again in 2015 after her participation? I hope the same happens here. I’m absolutely here for a true Lindsay Lohan comeback in 2022. Now if she can only deliver on her long-awaited (and half finished) third studio album and autobiography!

Source: ABC News

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