‘In from the Side’ Actor Alexander Lincoln on Defining Sexuality

Alexander Lincoln recently opened up about his experience coming out and labeling his sexuality in an exclusive interview with Attitude.

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First and foremost, the 29-year-old British actor noted that he has not yet attached any label to his sexuality. 


“I think the bottom line I want to convey is: I’ve been with women, and I’ve been with men, and I don’t prescribe to a label because I’ve never felt that that definition has offered me any clarity,” he stated.

He further expressed,


“I like who I like in the moment or over the course of a relationship and that’s all it is, really.”

Lincoln also pointed out how certain questions about sexuality can be harmful to someone, sharing:

“I think the main thing that I’ve found in my experience is the need of anyone who finds out about your sexuality to define it for them.”

“‘How gay are you then? What do you prefer more?’ Which I’ve always felt [to be] a moot point. Because surely it doesn’t matter.

I feel that this need for clarity from anyone who comes out as bi, bi-curious, pan or anything where the lines are blurred a little more is damaging and can also exclude those in the LGBTQ+ community from feeling like they are a valued member of it,” he further explained.


Earlier this year, the actor opened up about his sexuality as a response to a comment that reads:

“I loved the movie, and its actors are still very handsome but I still think that the actors are posing as gay but they are not. Is it my doubt?”

Lincoln then responded:

“Thanks so much- really appreciate it!!!! And no, I’m not straight,” followed by a heart emoji.


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Moreover, the actor is starring alongside Alexander King in the 2022 gay drama-romance film ‘In from the Side,’ which is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Also, here’s Lincoln’s sexy photoshoot with Attitude:


Source: attitude.co.uk

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