In The Midst Of A Pandemic, Where Do Our Annual Pride Events Stand For 2020?

As the pandemic known as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc upon our day to day life, the real potential that it could have on our lives on a long-term basis is becoming extremely palpable. Several circuit parties have recently cancelled their upcoming events (among them, Cherry DC), and pride events that were already planned (Fort Lauderdale’s Pride of the Americas) very recently have chosen not to move forward. It is also becoming increasingly possible that some of the Pride events that have come to define our summer calendars may be directly affected by our new abnormal of what is now becoming known as “social distancing”.


Most recently, all celebrations around Los Angeles Pride are postponed, San Diego pride is expressing “cautious optimism”, and New York City Pride and San Francisco Pride both released statements stating that they are “monitoring the situation” and are “beginning to look at options for what the celebration and parade might look like if the current period of social distancing continues for more than a few weeks” respectively. 

In the midst of the pandemic, both InterPride and the European Pride Organizers Association have come together and formed a new group to “coordinate the Pride movement’s response at the international level. “Today brings the devastating news that the number of Prides canceling or postponing because of COVID19 will pass 100, and it’s very clear that this pandemic is going to have a huge impact on our movement,” said Kristine Garina, President of European Pride Organizers Association, in a statement earlier this week. “Right now we must all be focusing first on our own well-being and the welfare of those around us, but we are passionate about Pride and we will work together, and do all we can, to help Pride organizers get through this”.


She went on to say “Every Pride organizer in the world has a story of someone whose life was changed by coming to a Pride, a story of someone who for the first time felt love and a sense of community. It’s heartbreaking that so many people will miss out on that this year, but we’re determined that Pride will continue and will change many more lives in the future”. 

To see a continuously updated list of Pride events cancelled so far , see this Excel spreadsheet.

If you’re more of a visual learner, see a continuously updated Google Map of Pride events cancelled so far .

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