Instant Coffee That Gave Erections Is On Recall

There’s been a recall on instant coffee that worked a little bit too much like Viagra.


The type of instant coffee was New Kopi Jantan Traditional Natural Herbs Coffee from Bestherbs Coffee LLC.

The FDA analyzed the coffee and found that there were chemicals that were very similar to ones found in Viagra.

The specific chemical found was desmethyl carbodenafil, which is an ingredient with a structure very similar to sildenafil. Meanwhile, sildenafil is found in Viagra and adds to the erectile effect. You can see where the problem (or happy surprise for some) began.

But that’s not the only issue. In addition to this, milk that wasn’t declared in the ingredients list was found. This could cause a problem to anyone with issues ingesting milk.


As such, the company then decided to recall the product.

As the NPR says:

“The discovery has prompted Bestherbs Coffee LLC, the North Texas company behind the product, to voluntarily recall the product nationwide. The FDA says the undeclared chemical could pose problems when paired with nitrates, which are often found in drugs prescribed to “men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease.”

Luckily, there haven’t been any cases of illness yet, but if you have consumed the product you should dispose of any remains and call a doctor.

In addition, you can send the product back to Bestherbs Coffee LLC at Bestherbs Coffee LLC, 4250 Claremont Dr., Grand Prairie, Texas 75052. If you return the product in the mail you will get a check later reimbursing you for the package and the product itself.

So while a surprise erection enabling coffee might have been a great discovery on its own, the health risks were nothing to celebrate. Maybe on the next try.

8 thoughts on “Instant Coffee That Gave Erections Is On Recall”

    • You must have missed the part

      You must have missed the part where it said that, mixed with nitrates, the stuff can KILL you. (The same warning is found on Viagra packaging and warning labels.)

      • MIXING stuff always carries

        MIXING stuff always carries health risks. I meant drinking it alone. There's a stand-alone health risk involving lactose intolerance. But there seem to be no other risks unless it gets mixed.

  1. How come I never find out

    How come I never find out about this stuff until the damn FDA pulls it off the market?  They just exist to protect pharma profits.

    • They also exist to protect

      They also exist to protect the public. As pointed out in the article, if you mix this chemical with nitrates, you can have a heart attack and DIE. That's not about profits for pharmaceutical companies, it's a fact.

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  3. It says dispose of any

    It says dispose of any remains.

    It's time for a reminder never to put stuff like this or any medicines down the toilet or drain but to wrap them and throw them out. Medicines are affecting fish in Puget sound and many other places


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