Instinct Digest – November 5, 2018



Here are some of our recent most read stories,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.



New Survey Compares Gen Xers, Millennials, & Baby Boomers

Were you ahead of the curve when you came out?



'Grey's Anatomy' Star Comes Out, Twice?

The hottie came out on Instagram minutes after
his character's first gay kiss


Frankie Grande is Part of a Sexy Throuple

Photos galore: The three lovers have been flaunting
their relationship on social media


Bezos Donates Maximum Amount to Anti-LGBT Politician

It was just pocket change


¡Gaytino! is the Gay Latino History Lesson We Need

Dan Guerrero talks about the road to his solo show ¡Gaytino!


Rami Malek Is Successful In Portrayal of Freddie Mercury

Review: Bohemian Rhapsody will inspire & emotionally
drain you, and they could have done so much more.


Popular Gay Porn Stars Create PSA Urging People to Vote

Lever pulled


We've had some people state that they are not seeing us as much on Facebook.
It's mainly to do wit their algorithm and the fact that we post links to our stories
which takes people away from Facebook and they don't like that. 

Check out a new Facebook Group, OUR GAY LIFE.
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Why Do I Have An Itchy Butt?

Just hygiene? Or are there more reasons you have
that itch you shouldn't scratch in public?


Three Highly Recommended Current Films With Gay Characters

Representation is a constant issue.
These three movies get it right.

Instinct Exclusive with Talented Chef Jonathan Bardzik

Does he come with the menu?


Yum: 10 Most Handsome RPDR Queens

We are officially Untucked.


'Ex-Gay' Therapist Discovered Trolling For Gay Sex

Fraudulent therapist by day, 'Hotnhairy72' by night


Wedding Woes. Having A Gay Wedding In A Red State.

Consider avoiding your conservative environment
and elope in a blue state? There is hope.


Travel Thursday: Bristol, Rhode Island is Simply Beautiful

New England's hidden gem is a sight for all to see.


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