Instinct Exclusive-Eddie Martinez Drops His Brand New Duel Package “Retrograde”

“Retrograde” is defined by “a change in movement” or “a backwards phase”. While many of us have felt we have not had much change in movement at all this year, DJ/Remixer Eddie Martinez is using this opportunity away from the dance floors to release his latest duel release, aptly titled Retrograde.

Inspired by when compilations were big, and double discs were a thing, Martinez says he “used to love grabbing them on Friday nights and getting lost listening to the story and the journey that was being told.” Retrograde is 2 sided compilation mix, starting with Side A, which is a deep and sexy house mix that lets you get lost in a groove of vibes from start to finish. Side B is a big room, high energy feel good mix that’ll keep you moving with its hypnotic and bouncing beats.


Martinez exclusively told me “It has been a pretty challenging time to be creative right now. These haven’t been the easiest of times, so it has been pretty difficult to create, some days you get motivated and some days you just aren’t inspired at all. For a few weeks, I was working on three different projects at a time and then for a few months nothing. No inspiration, just a dark cloud. i started the creative process slowly with no expectations or deadlines and just went with how I felt and came up with this project.”


Retrograde is available on iTunes podcasts, Spotify podcasts & Mixcloud 

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