Instinct Exclusive: Morgan McMichaels Is Doing Just Fine In Her New Video “Ass Like Mine”

In the stratosphere of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni videos, you would be hard pressed to find another video as star studded as the one Morgan McMichaels just premiered for her new single “Ass Like Mine”. The 80’s inspired dance party features not just Drag Race alumni like the delicious Delta Work and the madcap Madame LaQueer, but it also features actress AnnaLynne McCord and “Friday” songstress Rebecca Black, among other luminaries showing out in their 80’s neon finest. I grabbed a chat with McMichaels to talk about working on her phenomenal (and ultra catchy) new single and video, what life has been like since Drag Race (and her thoughts on the experience) and she reflects on some of her most phenomenal career highlights. 



Michael Cook: Your new single & video “Ass Like Mine”; tell me about it.

Morgan McMichaels: Im so so so so excited about this new single for many reasons. This is the first time that I have actually worked with a professional producer/ songwriter Ellis Miah, who has worked with RuPaul, BTS and other superstars. I am also working for the first time with an award winning director, Brad Hammer. He has done the best work with some superstar Drag Race queens, which was also an eye opening experience. The whole concept of the song is not letting anything stop you with a twist of funny, because my ass continues to grow in drag, hence the “Ass Like Mine” title. Being friends with Ellis, he has seen that nothing will stop me and I always bounce back from the negative and keep on the path to doing what I do best. The single basically tells a story that everyone can relate to; you can keep hating but I’m doing just fine ……


MC: What was the experience like crafting a video around the track?

MMM: Brad Hammer certainly doesn’t waste anytime with the ideas and treatments for the video, when I tell you he was hands on. I had never had someone push me like that to get as creative and involved as he did, which I’m grateful for. Seeing all the fantastic work he did with my other RuPauls Drag Race sisters, I knew I was in capable hands. I really was quite impressed that not only did he and his team do the video, the amount of post production they did to help promote and push the video was beyond the call of duty. He created many treatments for the video, and we all agreed on one that would fit the song perfectly! I had a great experience crafting this video because Brad Hammer took the reigns and steered me in the direction of a fun fun fun video !

MC: You are one of the original dolls from an early season (Season 2) of RuPaul’s Drag Race. How do you look back on your season now?


MMM: I look back on my original season of RuPaul’s Drag Race with such fondness! It was such a raw and organic season, where the girls were themselves and not carefully crafted characters. There was not such a fear of the social media backlash for being who you were. It was an absolute eye-opener watching yourself on television though. I always thank God for the opportunity to see how I was on the show. There were many things that I liked of course. I am grateful that my mother taught me to be strong and vocal about the things I care about, but It was also a double edged sword because it showed my how I treated people, good or bad. My time with Sonique was something I will remember for the rest of my life. When she shared her experience coming out as a trans woman, it was great. 

MC: Any parts of the experience that you don’t remember as fondly? 

MMM: My experience with how I treated Mystique Summers Madison was not as great. Seeing how we picked on her for being a person of size and how it affected her was soul shattering to me and it’s probably the one thing that I regret doing. We are great friends and sisters now, but It breaks my heart to have hurt her like that with something so simple as words. We all need to understand how our words do impact people and we need to do more to change ourselves to help and not hurt.


MC: Where has Drag Race launched your career in the years following your appearance on the show?  

MMM: Thanks to my time on Season 2 of RuPauls Drag Race, I have been able to cement my career as an worldwide entertainer for over a decade now and I have been able to do so many things; music videos, conventions, release my own single and video, work with massive celebs including Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Shakespeare’s Sister and Jane Badler, as well get to be “Joan Collins” for the legendary Elton John in his farewell tour. I am honored to have been a part of such a fabulous family and meet so many talented people. The places I have been able to go and things that I have been able to do with this blessing…I have to thank World Of Wonder and RuPaul for a life changing experience and to be invited back onto RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 was also a great honor.


MC: You are one of the most beloved queens in the community of Palm Springs, CA. Tell me about that tight knit community.

MMM: I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the entertainment scene in Palm Springs for eighteen years now. The Palm Springs locals hold such a place in my heart as they have seen me since the beginning of my drag career and have been my biggest champions since the first day I graced the stage in Palm Springs. I am certain that the Palm Springs audience is one of the hardest to entertain, simply because they are a cultured bunch of people who have seen the best of drag all over the world and they have a taste for high quality drag and will settle for no less, but they are the most loving audience with a loyalty that is unmatched ! Along with myself, Delta Work, Mayhem Miller and the queen of Palm Springs Ethylina Canne, have started a brand new show at MOXIE Palm Springs every Sunday night at 7pm for our awesome Palm Springs family called “Foxie At Moxie” and it is a show by locals for our locals without excuse. It is the new home of all of the fabulous favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race divas that come into town, as well as entertainers from the desert and all across the world ! We just won an award for Outstanding Drag Show in the desert and we have only been going six months, so we are honored ! We hope to see more of our fabulous Palm Springs family join us there as well. 


MC: The next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered on the same day as your video; what advice do you have for the new crop of dolls?

MMM: I honestly stopped giving advice to the new crop of girls seasons ago as have many girls, because the new crop of girls generally have stopped asking us alum anything. I think that the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise has been so successful that these ladies know exactly what they are doing, what direction they want to take their career and some of them have absolutely no interest in asking or knowing anything from the older seasoned queens. I have no problem with that to be honest. I like the drive of the younger generation of queens. They have such a focus and determination to craft their careers the way they want. I also love those queens who have that same determination that do ask the older seasoned queens for advice, I find them the wisest of the new crop. All I can wish the new girls on the show is good luck and make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity .


MC: Any plans for more music?

MMM: I have definitely been bitten by the bug and I can’t wait to release another single and video of my own soon!  Keep your eyes peeled to my social media and in the meantime, you can listen to my podcast “Funk What Ya Heard” every week, available on all streaming services! 

Grab “Ass Like Mine” here

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