Instinct Magazine Exclusive with ‘RPDR’ Legend Tatianna

Tatianna has really blossomed into quite the superstar over the past two years, primarily due to her appearance on the wildly successful second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Many of us though (who watched her original season back in 2010) were fully aware of just how incredible she really was and is before all of this new madness ensued.

She originally appeared on season 2 many moons ago, where the talented D.C. queen made it all the way to the top four and became a fan favorite in the process. Tatianna was then brought back into the werk room six years later for All Stars 2, where her personality, fashion and talent helped her usher in millions of new fans which worked wonders for not only her but the show itself.

Now, she’s the name on everybody’s lips, and rightfully so, as Tatianna is branching off into other areas of her career outside of being a fierce mother f***ing showstopper on stage. This includes dropping her debut album T1 and even developing her own fragrance. The title? Choices… of course. What else would it be?

Tatianna sat down with Instinct to discuss both of those exciting aspects in her life right now, as well as who she thinks should be on the fourth season of All Stars and if she was happy with Aquaria winning season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Take a look.

Tatianna, first off… "Thank You!" for doing this interview. How have things been for you this past year?

 No thank you! This year has been pretty great so far! 

Did you have a great Pride month? Any upcoming Pride related activities for you?

 Pride month was great! I got to participate in Capitol Pride in my home town of Washington DC. It was a really great experience. 

Did you watch season 10 of Drag Race? If so, were you happy about Aquaria winning?

 I did get to watch season 10 and I thought it was an awesome season! I thought Aquaria winning was well deserved. I was also rooting for Asia to win just because I find her so immaculate with her craft and is really a caring and supportive sister.

As an All Stars alum, is there any particular queen you would want to see compete on AS4?

I would love to see Ongina or Jade from season 1! Also, my season 2 sister Jessica Wild! I love seeing girls from the older seasons get to show their talents to this newer fandom the show has created.

Would you do it again if they asked you back for a 3rd time? 

 I really don’t know if I would compete again on All Stars. I had such a great time doing season 2 and I felt so well received by the viewers. I don’t know if I would want to risk changing that experience. 

You have a lot going on outside of RPDR. I saw you released an album. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! Music is something I’ve always enjoyed doing so my album T1 is really special to me. I got to work with the same producers that did The Same Parts (Dj Madscience and Mark Barrie) so they really understood what I was going for. I wrote 9 of the 11 tracks while on the road, so the album is really a reflection of who I am. I feel blessed just to be able to say I have an album out! 

On top of that, you have a fragrance appropriately called Choices. How did this come to be?

Making Choices the fragrance was a dream come true. I met Killian Wells, who runs Xyrena, at Dragcon in 2017. He said he would love to develop a fragrance with me and I immediately said yes! I got to be very hands on with creating the scent and the look of the packaging. I wanted something truly unisex and fresh. Something I would wear every day. The end result is something we are really proud of!

What else do you have coming up in 2018 that your fans can look forward to?

Well I’ll definitely be releasing more videos and singles from the album! I’ll also be on the road a lot this end of summer/Fall so that’s exciting. 

What is your one piece of advice for anyone who is looking to become a star in their own right, both in and out of the LGBTQ community?

I have a few tips! Firstly is be yourself! Stay humble. Know that all of this is a blessing and can be taken away tomorrow. Don’t turn down an opportunity out of fear. And finally, don’t stop learning and growing!

For more information on Tatianna, please check out her official Twitter here.

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