Instinct’s Top 10 Favorite Hotties Of 2013!

As we try to brainstorm resolutions that don’t begin with cross and end with fit (not enough time to cruise with that workout!), we search for any idea that may marginally improve ourselves in the New Year. Though those efforts are certainly noble, what we truly enjoy about this end of year-transition time is sifting through the past year to identify how our lives actually improved through the work, passion and creativity of others. As members of Instinct’s editorial team, we look forward each and every year to cutting out the chaff and exalting the diamonds that shined the brightest over the previous 12 months. The bountiful and landmark year of 2013 certainly made our work cut out for us, but these gems stood out above the rest as Instinct Magazine’s top hotties of the year. 



Joe Manganiello


It was a tough year for our boy, Joe. He took a page from the Jennifer Aniston handbook and…cut his hair! The sexy, longish, we all wanted to pull on hair! And then he shaved his beard! Just when we lost all hope in humanity, Joe released his fitness book—featuring plenty of hot photos shot pre-mid-life crisis—and all was well again. (Jeff Katz)



Aaron Tveit


The summer hit Graceland was obvious guilty-pleasure viewing for us. A show about ridiculously good-looking FBI and DEA agents living together in a beach house? We’re in. Especially with Broadway star Aaron Tveit leading the cast—and doing a lot of surfing and shirtless running. (JK)




Alex Minsky


We’re hoping this Afghanistan War vet-turned-underwear model launches a new trend of our nation’s finest moonlighting in the modeling industry. (Heck, even an underwear shoot shot on location at boot camp would do. Just sayin'.) Still, as long as Alex is wearing this uniform, no one else stands a chance. (Jonathan Higbee)



Idris Elba


A Brit with charm and brawn. We could say Idris Elba made the cut because of his powerful performance in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. But would you really believe us? Acting chops aside, we swoon over that redic body and because the man knows how to flawlessly rock a suit. (JK)




Jamie Dornan


Mr. Fifty Shades Of Grey. Sure, many horny housewives and loyal gays thought our #5 hottie, Matt Bomer, should have gotten the part (a debate which lead to one of Instinct’s most popular blog posts all year), but we ain’t mad at ya, Jamie. And depending how kinky this movie gets, you may just find yourself at the top of this list next year. (JK)



Matt Bomer



Because he’s Matt Bomer. Period. (JK)




Scott Eastwood


Town & Country isn’t typically a source we turn to for new crushes, but in 2013 the preppy Bible gave us just that in Hollywood progeny Scott Eastwood. When this famous son isn’t posing for shirtless photoshoots in T&C he’s posing for shirtless selfies on Instagram; where this might constitute over-saturation for other stars, in 2013, we certainly didn’t mind seeing Scott’s torso every five seconds. (JH)



Robbie Rogers


Robbie Rogers is the current reigning face of openly-gay major league sports stars, and what a face he is! Charming, well-spoken, well-dressed and gorgeous, we couldn’t have asked for a better and braver ambassador to make history in 2013. (JH)




Boris Kodjoe


Boris Kodjoe, gorgeous star of Real Husbands of Hollywood, proved to the world in 2013 that men could make popcorn-worthy reality TV just as easily as women if given the chance. But, yeah, we might be biased. (JH)



Steve Grand


We already made our adoration for Steve Grand’s work in 2013 known by selecting him as our Leading Men cover star back in November, but there's no question the boundary-breaking country singer deserves more accolades. He got the nation talking (and the gay community dreaming) with his thought-provoking “All American Boy” music video over summer and we can’t wait to see more (in all senses of the word, please?) of Steve in 2014. (JH)


Did we get it right, Instincters?

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15 thoughts on “Instinct’s Top 10 Favorite Hotties Of 2013!”

  1. All so deserving but my

    All so deserving but my #1would be Robbie. I just think he's the cutest. Ans damn is that man sexy.

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  4. Adam Von Rothfelder should be
    Adam Von Rothfelder should be on this list. Stunning display of beauty, intelligence, humor, personality, and all around decent man.

  5. Check out Alex Minsky’s

    Check out Alex Minsky's Facebook, or Supporting Men In Uniform. There are a lot of hot vets models and both pages have great links.

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  7. Love that Steve Grand was

    Love that Steve Grand was your top choice. Handsome and humble with a great voice. He deserves all the accolades that have come his way this year. Steve, looking for more great music in 2014.

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