Instructor’s Videos Go Viral for One ‘Big’ Reason

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Yoga improves flexibility, decreased back pain and is a great stress reliever. But when the instructor is smoking hot like this, it also raises your heartrate.

I tried doing yoga once with a YouTube video. Even though it’s a year past that point, YouTube still throws me a suggested video for that content. Luckily, its most recent suggestion was Aston King.


Aston King is an underwear model, professional reviewer, yoga instructor and adult film content creator. He’s amassed almost 200,000 subscribers on YouTube thanks to one big reason.

In an episode of The Secret Men’s Business podcast, Aston states that, just like many others, he was left without work during the pandemic and was forced to turn to content creation and OnlyFans to pay his bills. Surprisingly, the change in occupation has far exceeded his expectations – and now he wants to stick with it!

‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Hunk Now Part Of The OnlyFans Coven • Instinct Magazine


That means viewers and fans get a load of new content whenever Aston gets the bug to produce. I’ve included some of my favorite videos from his channel below.


Of course, I had to subscribe to Aston’s OnlyFans to see what kind of creative content he has over there. I was totally expecting lots of nude yoga, but instead I found hundreds of full-frontal pictures and videos. Can’t say I was disappointed! And if you’re wondering if he stuffs his briefs before making YouTube videos, well, you can subscribe for $9.50 a month.

Do you practice yoga? Does Mr. King make you want to start? Who are other uber attractive instructors? Comment and let me know!

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