‘Interview with the Vampire’s Finale Had Viewers Feeling All the FEELS

The Season 1 finale of ‘Interview with the Vampire’ had the viewers feeling an array of emotions as the show ended with a bloody one.

Spoiler incoming…

The season finale involved a Mardi Gras, which concluded with slain partygoers, including Lestat’s (Sam Reid) lover, Antoinette (Maura Grace Athari), who is now a vampire. Claudia (Bailey Bass) impaled Antoinette, and Louis (Jacob Anderson) slits Lestat’s throat.

Claudia then burned Antoinette, but Louis doesn’t do the same for Lestat’s body because he claims that he cannot bear to do so. In the end, he leaves him and his coffin for the garbagemen to collect.

Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian), however, isn’t convinced by Louis’ statement, pointing out that the garbage dump is teeming with rats for Lestat to feed on and recover. The reporter confronts his vampire host for choosing Lestat over Claudia, and that’s when Rashid (Assad Zaman) starts flying.

It turns out, Rashid is a tremendously powerful vampire who is capable of flight and resistance to the destructive glare of the sun, and his name is actually Armand. He happens to be the one-time director of a Grand Guignol Theater of Vampires in Paris.

On top of all that, Louis reveals that Armand is “the love of my life.”

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‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 1 is available on AMC and AMC+, and it is renewed for a second season.

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