Introducing Bisexual Housemate Jordan of ‘Big Brother’

Jordan is one of the 16 new housemates in the rebooted reality television show, ‘Big Brother’, which began airing on ITV on October 8. 

(c) Big Brother UK

He is a 25-year-old lawyer from the town of Scunthorpe in England, and he admitted that he tried his luck to join the show out of “boredom,” as well as to be “fed and watered.” Jordan further shared,


“I suppose boredom made me apply, to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim.”

In his introductory video, he noted that he has a “face like a chastised backside,” which is why he wears “such wonderful shirts to make up for it,” referring to the colorful flower-patterned button-up shirt that he is wearing.

Moreover, Jordan casually confirmed that he is bisexual during a conversation with fellow housemates Chanelle, Matty and Henry. 

“You’re straight though, are you? What’s your preference?,” Chanelle asked him.


To which Jordan simply answered,

“Best of both.”

“That’s why I know you fancy me,” Chanelle responded, then admitted that she would marry Jordan because “he’s a catch.”


Aside from candidly opening up about his sexuality during their conversation, Jordan has not yet shared anything more about his romantic relationships. Moreover, ‘Big Brother’ airs from Monday to Friday at 9PM on ITV2.

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