Irish Bromance! Paul Mescal Calls ‘Normal People’ Fan Niall Horan ‘Sooo Cute’

Credit: Normal People/Hulu/BBC

Niall Horan and Paul Mescal have a lot in common. They both hail from Ireland. They’re wildly talented. They are super cute in their own ways. Oh, and their friendship is downright adorable to the point where it has some of us feeling things. 

The former One Direction star is, just like millions of others, a big fan of Paul’s BBC/Hulu series Normal People that has become one of the most talked about shows over the past couple of months. 

“If you ever want to know what it was like growing up in rural Ireland, the first two episodes of ‘Normal people’ is a fair assessment,” he tweeted on May 1st while adding that he “might love” Marianne played by the brilliant Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Paul responded later that day with a simple heart. Aww. But WAIT! It gets so much more precious than that. 

Niall recently did an Instagram Live which Paul not only tuned into but left a super sweet comment where he called the “Slow Hands” hit maker “sooo cute.” So this might be the new celebrity bromance that we could be gushing over for quite some time. 

They have some stiff competition in this category, however, as Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal have been confusing and making fans think naughty things for a while after they’ve referred to each other as “husbands” and joked about getting married.

Anyways here’s a very handsome pic of Paul next to a guy that many of us are jealous of. Happy Friday!