Is Alyssa Hunter The Trade Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 14?

She strutted into the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 workroom decked out in head to toe “Huntress”, but Puerto Rican stunner Alyssa Hunter is getting almost as much attention out of drag as she has in drag during this already ratings-smashing season (according to Deadline, the Season 14 premiere marked the franchise’s highest-rated premiere since 2018). The moments following the first mini-challenge when the queens each “de-drag” is always curious, both for the viewers and the queens in the actual workroom, with some queens being completely unrecognizable once they remove all of their drag and toss on their street clothes, Hunter for one, made quite an impression on both the viewers and her fellow competitors when they first saw her out of drag. 

Photo Courtesy-Drag Holic Puerto Rico (Facebook Page)

Already one of the most famed queens on the island of Puerto Rico, Hunter has no problem expressing her own opinions (cheekily saying that Bosco looked like an angry Minnie Mouse in her entrance look) and has had a mini-viral moment of her own, with the clip of her mistakenly thinking fellow competitor Willow Pill was actually named “Willow Pillow” being shared all over social media. Borrowing her own name from Drag Race legend Alyssa Edwards and former Miss Continental 2000 Danielle Hunter, Hunter also went viral when her fellow competitors first saw her out of drag. Both Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté and June Jambalaya both were pleasantly surprised to see this (as June said) “handsome Latin man” and Kornbread simply saying “Hey Miss Alyssa”! 


While Hunter may be considered the unofficial “trade” of Season 14, there are plenty of other pieces of eye candy throughout the Season 14 Race For The Crown (along with the always stunning Pit Crew). Queens like Daya Betty, Angeria Paris Van Michaels, and Kerri Colby (to name just a few) all bring the heat off the runway as much as they do on the main stage. 

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