Is An Adult Toy On Your Christmas List? Will It Be To Give Or Receive?

While some men and women feel comfortable enough to talk openly to their friends about sex toy purchases and use, others may want just a bit more discretion when exploring their toy curiosity, but that isn’t stopping them from owning one.


How open are you when it comes to sex toy ownership, use, and preference?  I recall my dilemma when I received a huge box of sex toys to try out (yes, my job is awful some times).  It was full of this, that, and the other, for the front, the back, and other areas.  My dilemma, besides having a day job I needed to get to and too much product testing may be bad, was that I knew some of these toys were not for me, but what to do with them? Just not use them or give them away to friends?  Some of my friends I know very well, not sexually, but know of their sexuality and their preferences for positions,pleasures, etc, and others I have no desire to know, for many reasons.

Why shouldn’t we explore our bodies and understand our pleasure better? According to a preliminary survey of over 2,000 Europeans and Americans, 51 percent currently do, and they weren’t afraid to share some of their experiences with us. Interested in which sex toys current and past users recommend? Continue reading to learn about the toys that give people the best orgasms, and common reasons to get sex toys into your bedroom. –

We are fortunate that people are open enough on a sex survey to give us the following results.


So there are some people/friends that I can chat with about toys and some where the conversation will never happen. Those are just friends, but what about those of you that are in a relationship? Do you talk about sex toy use? And when do you talk about it? From the beginning of the relationship or just to introduce to spice things up later on?  Or will you never introduce a sex toy into the bedroom?

Why do we introduce an item into the bed? Individuals summating the survey results separate the responses into gay and straight responses. The difference in answers is quite interesting. 


When we use sex toys on ourselves, we know what we like, where we like it, how long we like it for, and we know when to stop.  But are we good at reading our partners? If we're not talking to them, are we at least paying attention to their bodies?  

Let's see how us gays understand those moans and groans.


I think sometimes we have sex toys as single people is because it is just easier to pull open that bedside drawer than it is to get presentable for another human being. You don't have to reciprocate when the other entity is a piece of plastic.

And to be honest, you don't have to teach a piece of rubber what you like.  You are in control. It's just a lot easier to point and shoot.  Point the toy where you need it so you can shoot. 


All this sex toy talk is making me wonder which one I like the best and why.  Maybe I should brush off the dust and cobwebs (from me and the toys) and do some surveying of my own and on my own.

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