Is It Narcissistic Or Just Having A Type?

Michael Henry's latest short film explores gay couples who look like each other
(screen captures via YouTube)

Have you ever noticed some gay couples look like they are dating twin versions of themselves?

Some folks might use the term ‘doppelbangers’ but funny man Michael Henry has his own term for the scenario.


In his new short film, Henry is out walking in the park with Frank (Michael Fariss) who shares the news that he’s seeing someone new who is nothing like his usual boyfriends. Declaring he’s totally over the “generic WeHo type,” Frank describes his new boo Hank as “rough around the edges,” “exotic,” and having “extra ‘cushion for the pushin.’”

But when Hank arrives, Henry can’t hide his reaction: ‘Y’all are twin f**ks! Clone twins! Doppelgängers!”

However, the new beaus completely disagree. Hank points out that Frank wears glasses, and Frank points to Hank’s scruff as another defining difference.

Henry’s take is that gays who dates guys who look like themselves are narcissists who just want to have sex with themselves.


Again, Hank & Frank contend they are ‘different.’

“Hank is fat,” whispers Frank. “He’s 185 and I’m 182.”

“And I wear hats,” Hank points out.

Cue the Elaine Stritch quote…


It is true that some gays are attracted to guys who might have similar tastes in clothes or grooming. But sometimes, current fads and fashions could play a part in the ‘twin’ equation, no?

What do you think, readers? Is it narcissistic to date someone who might look similar to yourself? Or is it just coincidence when a gay couple seems like twins?

Let us know in the comments section.

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