Is Pandora Boxx About to Become Pandora Offed?

Photo Credit: @pandoraboxx on Instagram

Roger Conners’ MEAT just added a bunch of talent to its recipe!

It was recently announced that RuPaul’s Drag Race icon and comedian Pandora Boxx has joined the cast of trippy slasher flick MEAT, which is currently seeking funds via Indiegogo to complete production. This acting adventure is not Boxx’s first rodeo with the horror genre. She previously wrote The Lipstick Massacre and starred in Psycho: The Musical Parody


Also joining the cast is adult content creator and the man with the fantastic ass, AJ Sloan. I can only imagine what moves, vibes and drool-worthy moments he’ll bring to the second feature length film from writer/director Roger Conners. Boxx and Sloan will appear alongside previously confirmed cast members Katelynn Newberry, Rachel Anderson, Cody Steele, Matt Kane, Hussein Hassan, Haley Lynn Rose, Anthony Covatta, Angelia Green, George Tutie, Margaret Harper Jenkins and Conners himself.


The film-maker responsible for the 2020 queer revision of Night of the Living Dead tells me: 

MEAT is a 100% from the ground up a grassroots production. While we have secured a significant amount of support through crowdfunding methods, the majority of this project has been self-funded. Bringing on the talent and notoriety of RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Pandora Boxx and the massive talents of adult film performer AJ Sloan now only amplifies our visibility, ensuring that this film will appeal to an even larger, extended LGBTQ+ fanbase than before! We are still seeking support via Phase 2 of our Indiegogo campaign, as well as looking for any and all options to present the first 20 minutes of our film to any potential angel investors who may want to come on board!

The plot follows a wild night of drugs and debauchery that results in the fatal overdose of an underage gay man and the innocent bystander who is left to take the blame. Upon his release from prison five years later, a group of queer individuals associated with the death become the targets of an eccentric killer’s revenge.


Now… here’s where it gets interesting. The Indiegogo campaign for MEAT offers a lot of exciting perks for donating your hard-earned money. This is your opportunity to say you were able to work with thee Pandora Boxx. By donating $50, you can appear as a missing person on a flyer or on promotional material for the gay bar featured in the upcoming horror flick. For $60, you can lend your voice to a secret scene being shot for MEAT. For $150, you will be credited as an associate producer and $1,000 will see you credited as an executive producer. This all means you will literally have your name listed in the end credits of the movie alongside Boxx.

Other exciting perks can be found on the campaign page here


There’s only 20 days left before this fundraiser ends, so donate or help spread the word!

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