Is Quitting ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Ever Really a Good Thing?

I couldn't be the only one who was super gagged over last night's RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars episode right?  And spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched it yet, but then again it's been all over social media so I guess, click out of this page?  Or just read on because this is some good tea that will be spilled.

BenDeLaCreme, who was easily the one to beat this season as she won 5 out of the 6 challenges so far, quit last night.  Just… quit.  She took her lipstick out, and wrote her name on Wite-out (did she do a special shopping trip to Michael's prior to this happening?)  I didn't have a big enough reaction.  I was also starving at that point, so my hangry levels were all sorts of fucked up, and her quitting only enraged that as I wanted to scream at her "NOOOOOOO!" while thinking about the kind of tacos I'll be eating shortly.

This was odd, very odd.  RuPaul's reactions pretty much echoed everyone else's: confusion, anger and disappointment.  It was the 2nd time in RPDR history that a queen has quit.  Adore Delano quit in season 2 of All Stars, but for much different reasons.  Everything was still too fresh for her regarding the passing of her father and other personal ordeals in her life.  Ben was LITERALLY at the finish line and decided to stop 2 feet before winning.  

She was so consistent throughout that she was never even close to being in the bottom.  She never had to explain herself, and rightfully so.  She did an amazing job and her reasons for quitting blurred the lines between cowardly and honesty in a way that still read as completely wrong.  There was an element to me that thought her ego was so big that she felt it was the right time to go home (something Darienne Lake brought up multiple times in season six). 

You knew the rules coming into this, you knew you were going to have to eliminate someone and that's the name of the game.  None of these queens should take it personally unless stated otherwise.  Now, we are in a situations where there is only one queen left really deserving of this prize, and its Shangela.  When you have 1 out of 5 girls who really deserve it, you have to wonder if this season is really worth watching anymore.

Shangela has been nothing but consistent, minus a hiccup here and there.  Sewing is not her thing, but she still tried.  She didn't quit.  Kennedy hasn't fared well either, but the pain and emotions that ran through her on last night's episode proves how badly she wants to be there.  '

Same goes for Trixie, who has something to prove after a mediocre showing in season 7.  As much as I CANNOT STAND Morgan McMichaels, she wanted to come back in a major way and got what she wanted.  And finally, Bebe, who is playing an absurdly different game both personally and overall compared to her last time on the show, has major reasons for being there: to be remembered from a season that was incredibly forgettable.

In other words, none of them were going to quit.  Ever.  So as much as I love Ben for how well she did this season and outside of the game, her quitting doesn't look good on her.  And it won't look good on her in the future, in my honest opinion.  Her original season saw her go home against someone who wasn't really deserving of being in the top four.  It was the first time you saw a major social media meltdown about Ru's decision to send her home, and then you come back witha major opportunity to win and decide to just leave.  You should've just brought Darienne up as your replacement and walked off the stage while Expose's "Point of no Return" was playing.

If this sounds harsh, well then sorry.  But quitters, unless having a legitimate reason, never look good in my book.  Not going to bring up something corny like "you have so many people who look up to you," because its not like that, but why take a golden opportunity like All Stars 3 to really elevate your career to a whole new level and throw it away because you felt you did enough?  That makes no sense and Ru's response validates that thought process for me… and many others.

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