Is That Katya & Keiynan Lonsdale In “Love, Victor’s” 1st Trailer?

Images via Hulu and Walt Disney Studios

The first trailer for Love, Victor is out!

Love, Victor is the spin-off series to the 2018 film Love, Simon. Thankfully, some of the creatives behind the film returned for the series, including writers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptker. In addition, Nick Robinson, who played the movie’s titular character, does the voice-over narration for Love, Victor. But, the show focuses on a new teen named Victor (played by Michael Cimino). Much like Simon before him, Victor is having a rocky time coming into himself and his sexual orientation. It doesn’t help that he’s just moved to town and his parents are having relationship problems. To cope, Victor writes messages to Simon and asks for advice.


The last time we got a glimpse of the new Hulu series, it was in a teaser clip. That scene showed Victor getting interviewed for a job at a coffee shop. But the interview doesn’t go as well as Victor would like. The reason? He’s too busy fantasizing about the shop’s manager Benji (George Sear). The scene plays out in a Baywatch-esque slow-mo sensation that perfectly represents having a crush.

But now, we have something new to watch. The wait is over. The first trailer has dropped. If you’re interested in seeing it, you can watch the trailer below.

Based on this trailer, we have some new and interesting information. First, there WILL be some familiar faces in the show. For instance, we get a quick glimpse of Keiynan Lonsdale returning as Bram Greenfeld. Though, there are plenty of new faces too. And even one Drag Race star. Yes, there’s a quick shot of Katya Zamolodchikova. There’s currently no information about her role, but we’re excited to see that she’s involved.

Lastly, we learned that Victor’s crush on Benji won’t be hopeless as Benji is openly gay. It seems he’s in a relationship, however, so perhaps Benji will act as a friend and gay mentor to Victor. Then as Victor comes into his own, maybe Benji will be single again? Or, perhaps Victor finds a romantic interest elsewhere. Love, Simon was full of red-romantic-herrings, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Love, Victor did the same. Though, that last bit is mere speculation.

We still have some time before we can see how all these pieces tie together. But thankfully, the show’s only a few weeks away. Love, Victor will appear on Hulu on June 19. We can’t wait to see it!

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