‘It’s Like a Foreign Language’: Three Older Gay Men Guess the Meaning of Gay Slang Words

Gay lingo can be considered a foreign language to most people in the hetero-world. For the homos, however, it's just a way to communicate. But not every person in the LGBT community speaks gay fluently. 

In a video posted by IntoMore.com, three older gay gentlemen—Bill, Robert, and Mick— try pronouncing words and phrases that are commonly used by younger gays and then react to their meaning. 

The men have some trouble figuring out what each word means, but they admit they have their own language, too. Example, they learn that a newly out gay man is called a "gayby" now, but when they were younger, they would call him a "chicken." Who knew? 

I'll be honest, I didn't know all of these words either. I guess I need to brush up on gay-cabulary? dick-tion? I'll create my own word eventually. Until then, I will just claim to be a "gayby."

How many of these words do you know?

What do you think?