“I’ve Never Felt Love Like This,” TJ Osborne To BF on His Birthday

Country music superstar TJ Osborne and his boyfriend Abi Ventura celebrated Abi’s birthday over the weekend. The Brothers Osborne member took to social media to wish Abi a Happy 37th Birthday. In the Instagram post to his 96k followers the Weed, Whiskey and Willie singer expressed how he felt being seen and being loved, 

“Abi, you coming into this world has completely changed mine forever. I never knew what people meant when they said they feel seen and omg wow now do I get what if feels like to truly be seen because of you. You see me. I see you. I’ve never felt love like this. I’ve never felt happiness like this. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Happy Birthday mi corazon”



Calling Ventura mi corazon, my heart, the Stay A Little Longer singer has publicly shown his affection before. Instinct reported back in March how the Shoot Me Straight singer thanked Ventura after winning a fourth Best Vocal Duo of the Year CMA award,

“Abi, I love you. Here’s to a great night in Vegas!”  

When their ACM win was announced, TJ kissed his boyfriend Abi Ventura. The iconic moment was shown on screens at the Allegiant Stadium.



We here at Instinct love to see celebrations of queer love. Today, maybe more than ever, representation matters and just by living our lives out and proudly is a win. Looking fab TJ and Abi!


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