Jack Donoghue Drops a Racy Pic – Barely Any Imagination Needed!

Jack Donoghue recently dropped a racy pic that requires little to no imagination, and it left Gay Twitter thirsting for more…

(c) Instagram: @jackdonoghueboy

Pop Tingz shared the thirst trap on Twitter with a caption that reads:


“Lana Del Rey’s ex boyfriend, Jack Donoghue, shares new photo on Instagram.”

The photo shows the Salem band member completely naked and sweaty with his private part covered by a lizard emoji. He was wearing a bucket hat and a gold cross pendant necklace while holding a white towel in his hand.

The nude selfie was taken by Donoghue, and he seems to be with a tattooed man who was sporting a pair of black shorts. As expected, the comments section are very thirsty, and here are some of their amusing sentiments:

“something moved in my pants,” @boyinblonde wrote.


“He can top me,” Twitter user @CartiersSaint commented.

“We need the original pic without that damn emoji,” @beauinurquiver suggested.

“someone remove the lizard please,” Twitter user @dark_salvatoree wrote.

“feral. i don’t even go feral but this MAN. omfg,” @sweetpositionz also commented.


Dropping his sweaty nude pic here:

(c) Instagram: @jackdonoghueboy via Twitter: @ThePopTingz

Moreover, Lana Del Rey’s alleged ex-boyfriend has been romantically linked to his Salem bandmate John Holland, who revealed to BUTT Magazine that they’ve “hooked up a few times.”

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Not to mention, Donoghue also previously shared a video of him making out with a man:

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