Jake Gyllenhaal Struggles To Find His ‘Husband’ Tom Holland — Watch

Credit: Jake Gyllenhaal Instagram

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland‘s friendship is so freaking adorable. Yes, some of us would like to think that it’s more than that, but their playful behavior with one another on and off social media is more than enough for us to enjoy at the moment.

The Brokeback Mountain actor referenced his BFF in a cute new video posted earlier this week. Jake joked about “trying to find” Tom while snowboarding as he attempted to climb a very snowy area. The clip also highlighted Jake’s glorious booty, which, just take a look for yourself. 



Delicious. Tom played along with his humor and wrote, “Help me!” in the comments section as if Jake was his hero in trying to save him from being stuck in the snow? A possible avalanche coming? We will let you enjoy your own fantasy on this one.


Jake first sparked romance rumors with Tom (whether he saw it that way or not) when he posted a photo of them hugging each other in October 2019. “Forget the Biebers… We’re getting married,” the Oscar-nominated actor captioned an Instagram photo of them cuddling up at the ACE Comic Con in Chicago. He also included a heart and engagement ring emoji at the end of the post.


Tom later said he was missing his “husband” Jake while uploading a video of them throwing around a water bottle mid-flight in just sweatpants.

Happy Friday all! 

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